The Right Life 101: The meaning behind our name and logo

A commitment to parents 

The name ‘The Right Life’ signifies our unwavering commitment to parents. We aim to empower them to provide the ideal life for themselves and their children, where every moment is cherished and every opportunity is seized.


‘Right life’ is reclaiming time and embracing freedom

In the bustling city of Bangalore, time is precious. With ‘The Right Life,’ imagine reclaiming hours lost in traffic jams and long commutes. Our community offers the luxury of convenience, with top schools just a short walk away, allowing children to enjoy leisurely strolls to school and adding precious moments to their daily routines.


‘Right life’ is a sanctuary for harmonious Living

Beyond convenience, ‘The Right Life’ is a sanctuary for families. Spanning over 100 acres, our community is designed with child-centric and sports-oriented features, ensuring every family member finds their bliss. From meticulously crafted homes amidst lush greenery to expansive open spaces, we’ve curated a space where harmonious living is not just a dream but a reality.



Symbolism in the details

Our logo, resembling a frame, holds profound symbolism. It represents the cherished moments within our township—a testament to the precious memories waiting to be made. Each corner of ‘The Right Life’ is designed to inspire and nurture these moments, creating a haven where family memories are treasured for a lifetime.

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