Unveiling the Premium: A Look into the Curated Collection of Luxury Brands

In the heart of our visionary township, a high street retail district has been meticulously designed to redefine luxury. The retail landscape boasts a curated collection of premium brands, each chosen for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. From international fashion labels to exquisite lifestyle brands, our retail zone caters to the diverse preferences of our residents, offering a unique blend of opulence and convenience.

Masterplan for Retails

Legend: 01. Marketing office

  1. Retail blocks
  2. Entry/exit for retail
  3. Green space with seating pockets
  4. Mound with ground cover and sculpture tree
  5. Water feature
  6. Seating pockets with corten steel sculpture
  7. Open space for flea market
  8. Lawn area with seaters
  9. Machan at lawn area
  10. Tree court with seaters
  11. European theme gazebo

Outdoor Sitting Pergola


Unfold a life of unparalleled leisure within a sprawling 60-acres of land. Grand party halls host unforgettable celebrations, while lifestyle amenities pamper your body and soul. Hone your skills on dedicated sports fields or nurture future champions at specialized academies. Connective spaces spark community engagement, and verdant landscapes provide a tranquil escape. Designed with connective-centric principles, this meticulously crafted leisure area is a vibrant convergence of celebrations, fitness, and social connections, promising residents an unparalleled experience of grandeur and fulfillment.

Concept of Clubhouse

The open built linear form to edge to house the built form. The porosity in the form and open structure for better accessibility of spaces and air movement. Iconic built form in a fluidic character forming as an elegant marker in the development. Informality as a strategy wherein multiple events and activities can happen. The inside-outside connect for a better experience. Playful elements for informal activities across the court.


Building across setbacks. Scooping the court at the center. The top floor to the house gym/pool zone with a multipurpose hall. The informal amphitheater for the events in the community. Direct access to the sport facilities like gym spa/pool area through the amphitheater. Badminton/squash and parking zone. Accessibility and utility spaces like a multipurpose hall to respond to open green spaces. Segregated zones for guest room to encompass proper view across site edge and court. Multiple spill-over spaces and segregation of gym pool area to have proper view and accessibility. Accessibility and utility spaces like a multipurpose hall to respond to open green spaces.

Clubhouse Amenities

Court and Amphitheater. Seating inside the wall. Pool edge. Court.


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