Living “The Right Life”: Unveiling the Clubhouse Concept and Development Insights

In our visionary township, “The Right Life” is more than just a notion; it’s a lifestyle carefully crafted to redefine luxury living. One of the central elements contributing to this lifestyle is the clubhouse – a space designed to embody the essence of exclusivity and sophistication, offering residents an unmatched living experience.

Unveiling the Clubhouse Concept

The clubhouse in our township is not just a building; it’s an expression of the community’s ethos. The open built linear form of the clubhouse is strategically designed to edge the house the built form, creating a sense of harmony and fluidity in its character. This iconic built form serves as an elegant marker in the development, signifying the exclusivity and grandeur associated with “The Right Life.”

Development Strategies Employed

The design and development of the clubhouse are centered around the concept of informality, allowing multiple events and activities to seamlessly coexist within its spaces. The porousity in the form and open structure ensure better accessibility of spaces and air movement, creating an environment where residents can engage in informal activities across the court and enjoy a seamless inside-outside connect for a holistic experience.

Living “The Right Life” in Our Township

The clubhouse isn’t just a standalone feature; it’s an integral part of our development that contributes to residents living “The Right Life.” The integration of the top floor to house the gym/pool zone with a multipurpose hall, informal amphitheater for community events, and direct access to sport facilities like the gym, spa, and pool area through the amphitheater, ensures that every aspect of the clubhouse is designed to enhance the living experience.

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Embrace “The Right Life”

The clubhouse is a testament to our commitment to providing a living experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Its design concept and development strategies have been meticulously crafted to contribute to residents living “The Right Life,” embodying the essence of exclusivity and sophistication that defines our visionary township.


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