Q1: The sales team claims that the possession of the project is in December 2028, but the plans I saw at the site differ from those in the RERA, which show a possession of 2035.

A:We applied for a BDA development plan in February 2023, and in July 2023, we received the plan. In February of that same year, we had acquired 20 acres. We have applied for approval of the building plan and obtained RERA following that design and concept.

Over the last year, we have acquired over 90 acres, of which we are launching 31+ acres across 10 towers as phase 1.0 & 1.1. As a result, we have modified the layout and tower concepts to better meet market demands.

What we are selling at present is as per the new concept of phase 1.0, out of 31+ Acres.

The Revised BDA Development plan was applied recently and we should be getting approvals in 2 to 3 months, followed by a revised building plan and revised RERA. The complete plans will match the ones we are currently selling once they are approved, which should happen in 4 to 6 months.

In our revised RERA application, we will update the project timeline phase by phase rather than project as a whole, with these 1, 2, and 3 towers scheduled for completion in 2028 and the entire 30+ acres in 2029.

Q2: How will you manage the booking and execute the sale agreement for the modified plans? How can I be certain that I am protected legally? 

A:All of our booking clients will receive an affidavit, which is a legal document, stating that we will obtain the updated RERA as well as the remaining approvals and position dates within the allotted time frame.

Q3: Who is the construction partner?
A:  JMS / Kalpataru Group

Q4: When will this project be approved by a national bank?
A: In 2 months

Q5: Has the project’s work begun as per the current plans?
A: Yes, it is started

Q6: Can I verify the legal documents before signing the sales agreement?
A: Yes, you can do that with TAT.